Fabric Store Camarillo

In 1990, Mike Nikolai, the founded of Fabric Store Camarillo as the one-stop destination to sell affordable, high-quality fabric in the Camarillo and its surrounding areas. Our mission is to inspire creativity in people and sell products that help the world. We want to familiarize people to natural, and timeless textile there is 100% linen fabric. Today, we have become one of the largest fabric inventories of US and European and linen fabric. We have addressed the ever growing needs of the community and expanded our selection of fabrics including upholstery fabrics, sewing & quilting notions, and supplies.

Fabric Store Camarillo is committed to providing access to the best and finest linen fabrics in the market at half the prices our competitors are selling. We produce all of our linen in our own mills. In addition to 100% linen fabric, we also sells a wide array of upholstery fabrics including from brands such as Cordura brand fabrics, and Sunbrella brand fabrics. We also offer indoor & outdoor upholstery fabrics, furniture-grade upholstery

fabrics, curtain fabrics & drapery fabrics, automotive upholstery & headliners, marine-grade upholstery, automotive & outdoor marine carpet, vinyl & imitation leather, natural canvas fabric, awning fabric, nylon backpack fabrics, vinyl laminate & clear plastic, discount fabrics and fabric remnants, and many more.

We are a unique fabric store in Camarillo. Why? Because we believe that whatever product you buy, it should not hurt the world. At Fabric Store Camarillo, all of our fabrics are environmentally friendly. The production of our fabrics does not cause air, noise or water pollution. Furthermore, all of our fabrics are 100% natural and we believe that wholesome fabric is always superior to today’s synthetic textiles. Our fabric business is continually expanding and has attracted the attention of garment makers, furniture upholsterers, auto upholstery shops, and decorators as well. We are among the few fabric makers and suppliers that offer a diverse selection, unique types, designs, and styles, and an extensive assortment of quality fabrics.